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Work Permits - Visa's - Malaysia - Immigration

The immigration process in Malaysia, is less straightforward in comparison with other locations. It is imperative that a team of qualified personnel are available for both advisory and submission of necessary documentation, to ensure that the process is painless and smooth. To that end, Atlas Worldwide Relocations; has set-up a complete in-house team that specifically deals with corporate and individual work permit, visa, professional and special pass applications

The range of services we offer to our corporate and individual clients are: -
  • Work Permits and visas for expatriate staff
  • Dependency visas for expatriate families
  • Professional Passes
  • Retirement Permits (Silver Hair programme)
  • Entertainment Pass and or Film Industry Pass
  • Permanent Residency Application
  • Student Pass
  • Endorsement - Extension - Transfer - Cancellation of above

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    The processing time and stamping of the work permit into the transferee's passport can take up to 2-4 weeks from intial application, We will ensure that the entire process is tracked, in conjuction with the company or individual concerned.

    We will normally receive a letter within 10 working days, that the application is either approved or denied

    As part of the service we offer, we will provide the applicant with a full briefing on the documentation required; this will be done by email and or fax; with a breakdown of documentation required, processes involved and government fees.

    This ensures that the required permit is applied for well in advance, if possible, at least 5 weeks prior to arrival, that way we can be sure that the necessary permits are in place before landing in Malaysia.

  • There is no requirement for the applicant to be present during the submission of required documentation to the Immigration Department

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